A History Brief Norwegian National Language

Norsk is the official language in Norway. It is also spoke in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Spain, Canada, UK and the USA. Norwegian Literature, mainly historical prose and poetry flourished between the 9th to 14th.This was mostly West Norse. Immediately after this, Norway was under Swedish rule and later on Danish Rule. At this time, the Norwegian language was still under use even though Danish was still the official language, both in higher education and as a literary language.
Norwegian language
In 1814, Norway officially separated from Denmark. Despite this, Danish continued to be used for scholarly purposes until in 1831 when a movement rose to create a official national language for Norway. The main drive behind this movement was that written Danish differed significantly from spoken Norwegian making it hard to learn. Norsk was therefore picked up as the official Language for Norway. There are however different version of spoken Norsk some of which have Danish influence.